Scientific state-of-the-art

Leading scientists from the field present in the conference magazine their findings on Supply Chain, Procurement, Innovation Management and Corporate Strategy topics in short articles. All articles are hand-picked and selected in cooperation with the SCM advisory board.

Practical contributions

Deciders and industry experts present insights from case studies and corporate processes in the practical articles. Experiences, learning effects and results are shared to broaden and enrich the reader's mindset.

Strategic Stimuli from the Deciders

Have you ever wondered how your customer is strategically lined up? Do you want know how you competitor is managing its workflows? Then the stimulating articles by deciders of the railway industry contain valuable insights for your Understand the mechanisms and the major drivers within organizations of the rail industry presented by their leaders.

Conference content

Speakers and experts of the RAILWAY FORUM present themselves in the magazine. The presentation includes all relevant contact information as well as a curriculum vitae offering insights and understandings about the decider's background and perspectives. The presentation acts as a starting point for discussions and networking exchanges on the conference.

Selected Perspectives

BT Procurement strategy for a competitive Value chain

Charles O‘Donnell, Chief Procurement Officer, Bombardier Transportation

IBM Procurement Transformation and Globalization

John Mullen Paterson, Vice President of Supply Chain and Chief Procurement Officer, IBM

Globalization of Hitachi Rail

Alistari Dormer, Executive Chairman and CEO, Hitachi Rail Europe Ltd.

your link to master future challenges

Tomasz Zaboklicki, President of the Board, PESA Bydgoszcz SA

technologies for the train of tomorrow

Jean ­Luc Favre, Head of ABB’s Rail Sector and CEO, ABB Sécheron Ltd.